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vintage screen

general description

Vintage Screen is a plugin that simulates the look of an old TV-set or black and white cathode ray video monitor. It makes your image look like it's broadcasted on the TV in the 1950's or even earlier. It could have been sended from the first tv station "Paul Nipkow" in Berlin in 1935 with only 180 lines.

wartburg wartburg in tv

It not only simulates the streaky visable scanlines of such a screen (what you can easely archive by just a set of small black bars in Photoshop by yourself) but it performs a real scanning of the image like a black and white camera would do. Including anti-alisaing filtering etc.pp. It simulates also the writing of the cathode ray light point on the screen. And of course there are brighness and contrast controls like known from any ty-set.
Farther more it produces the well-know errors with such old analogue tv technology: A ghost image caused by reflections of the radio waves, analogue noise, not exact tuning (frequency shift, interferences), problems with the horizontal syncronisation etc.pp.
Also the photomaking of such a screen with commen exposure times line 1/30s, 1/60s is simulized.


differences to a real ty-set

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