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photoshop plugins


Simply download the *.8BF file and copy it into you plugin directory.
(for example C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Plug-Ins\Filters\)

disclaimer of warranty

The plug ins are already in alpha or beta test phase. An crash of the plug in or of the hostprogram itself is still possible.
Worser damages than the crash and the possible lost of nonsaved data shouldn't happen. Nevertheless every liability is excluded. (right english term?)

download of trial versions

Vintage Screen - plug-in to simulate old cathode ray monitors and TV set


Status: Alpha-Test
current build: "Dec 29 2008 22:40:22"
current build: "Feb 13 2009 10:58:13"

known bugs: ----

fixed bugs:
- handling of transparency
- preview of photo effect syncron to the whole image, "WYSIWYG"
- crash while moving the preview to the bottom

Optorsion - plugin for distortion and chromatic abberation


Status: Alpha-Test
current build: "Dec 30 2008 15:08:46"

known bugs: ----

fixed bugs:
- handling of transparency

Highflare - plug-in or distortion und chromatic aberration


Status: Entwicklung

Chromerazor - plug-in for chroma keying


Status: development


Some test versions may create a log file plugin.log unter C:\temp\.

copyright 2007 by Thomas Thiele last actualisation 30th December 2008